Superstars are in game again

First time I bought my adorable white superstars in far 2007. I was in love with them! And no wonder - there were extremely fashionable. The second, the most loved pair, I bought immediately after the white one. Talking about the first pair, I should say that my Mum wears them at the gym. In relation to brown ones with purple shoelaces - there were waiting to be in the game again and the time has come! Take a look, sweeties, and have a great day! xo xo Yours Maria
fur half-length coat (the same here and here), faux fur vest - topshop (the same here and here), superstars - adidas, handmade leather bag bought in a souvenir store (the similar here), dress - oasis (the same here), the stockings (similar here), bijouterie (earings) - St. Petersburg jewelry factory, bracelet made of pearls, sunglasses - marks & spencer, lips - l'oreal paria collection blake's pure red


  1. wow! you look so very cute! everything about this outfit is very cool!

  2. wow, you look so great and sexy!!! so fashion!!!!!! Love all the things you wear!

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