More layering!

Hey guys! As you know, I have already a few posts including the layeing theme. (You can see more here and here). I am in love with it! Also, I love fall and spring, first of all, because I can combine different fashion items and textiles and wear them on the top of each other. Great opportunity, as for me, to dilute the usual outfits! Today I wore the big long colorful scarf on my favourite Naf Naf blazer and this blazer, accordingly, I wore on the dress which plays the top's role. I strongly believe, that all of us can find something interesting in layering thing! Have a great viewing!
xo xo Yours Maria  
the emerald earing (the second one)
scarf - marc rozier (Paris), denim pants - no name (similar here and here), indigo heels - new look (similar herehere and here), dress as a top - kira plastinina (the same), blazer - naf naf (similar here and here), bag - old school Versace, cat eye sunglasses - accessorize (similar here and here), jewellery - necklace made of silver coins

Versace bag: similar here (here and here)



  1. Lovely outfit! I like the scarf! Is that last picture yours as well? That outfit and accessories look stunning!

    1. Thank you so much my beauty!) Yes, the last picture is mine too. The full outfit you can see here
      Have a great day! Thank you for visiting ♡
      Yours Maria ♡

  2. you look layered in beauty! i love the color scheme and i love your nail color!