Great Photos = Best Memories

Friday. Finally! Only after hard-working week you can completely breathe out and with the clear conscience take a great dose of relax. Early in the Saturday morning you immediately realize that the whole world at your feet! Hot bath, long promenades in the park with your lover, noisy parties with loving girlfriends, 5 o'clock with your grandma during the manicure procedure and much more is waiting for you - all you need is a desire to enjoy your weekend! So, my lovers, have a great time and wait a little for new outfits. Hugs!

Great photos = best memories.
Here some of them from my private archive which make me smile at any time.
Take a look!
selfie (I am not naked, I am just wearing french connection dress)
my 21st Birthday party. pic #1 called "my lovers"
exhibition at the Chocolate House; I am wearing naf naf blazer and oasis dress
birthday party pic#2; I am wearing my favourite oversized camel coat (soon in my posts), oasis red dress and new look indigo heels
birthday party pic #3 and 3 Marias at the one picture (together for 10 years)
celebration of the 8th March (the Women's Day); my love Anastasiya
home sweet home! denim shorts - tally weijl; dress as a top - kira plastinina
sanctum sanctorum - my room! oasis jumper and a bouquet of lilies for graduation
memorable photo - fees on vacation: tory burch bag and accessorize cateye sunglasses
my darling - birthday pic #4
white roses from my Man
birthday pic #5; pharrell williams – happy 3:53

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