Fur coat meets old school Versace bag

I love being feminine! That's why exactly the fur coat, the massive necklace made of silver coins and the stable heels help me today in this fashion mission. As you have already noticed, my dear lovers,  I am in love with all manner of feminine items. Dresses, curly hair, bright lips, accessorizes - all these women's components make me feel confident and comfortable every day because in our busy, dynamic and bustling world It is so hard to remember that you are a WOMAN. Real woman! Also I hardly believe, that every lady should be the beautiful one. Moreover, that is our sweet obligation, not caprice!
So girls, be stylish, young and feminine. There is one life and It is totally ours!

fur coat, dress - oasis (similar here), old school Versace bag (similar), ankle boots - minelli, necklace made of silver coins (more), cateye sunglasses - accessorize


  1. V-formed women have shoulders that are more extensive than their abdomen, abandoning them with smaller legs and a more extensive chest and arms. Self improvement for women