If you haven't got a dress code...

Flextime, no dress code and of course a respectable salary - that is a job from sweet dreams, isn't it?
All in all guys, I present to your attention a version of work outfit If you haven't got a dress code because of my suggestion that a red lipstick and an arctic fox fur would seem a little extra in the rather conservative and serious company. Well, If you are a freelancer like me, It is such a great idea, to my mind, to dress brighter and more creative. As for me, dress code isn't that life that I want and that I love. Say NO to the dress code!
Express your individuality and be yourself.
You only live once!
red lipstick - l'oreal paris color riche collection exclusive blake's pure red (to read more please click here), high boots a la crocodile skin - braska, plisse dress - french connection (similar here and here), top - ny 77 design (similar in cherry lips / indigo heels), arctic fox fur (similar in boho chic), olive shopper bag - accessorize (similar in black swan), sunglasses - marks & spencer, high wool gloves, belt - topshop


  1. Awesome shots :) I think you must share your photos on www.voguedrobe.com, too :)