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Hey hello, my lovers!
I think It's time to talk about my beauty favourites of theese months.
To start with, I would like to present you (oh my god) unbelieveble for its quality and colour red l'oreal lipstick! For serious guys, I am in love with it! From childhood until now, I was really thinking that red lipstick isn't my story because of my not full enough lips. (They aren't thin, they are just not full enough, lol) 
Time passed, I growed up and undestood that red lips are some kind of signal to the society of who you are. Moreover, according to numerous online polls, red is revealed as the sexiest lipstick colour! This explains, why do glamourous sex-bombes all around the world knew, that red colour on lips is something special, something attractive and breathtaking. 
Accordingly, to my mind, It is not surprising, that after worldwide famous stars millions of women start using red lipstick and start feeling themselves more confident exactly with this tape of colour on the lips. 
So... green light to the red!
1.l'oreal paris color riche collection exclusive blake's pure red
click here to read more about my number one, its innovation and product benefits 

2.Completely deserved second place in my heart devided between
la roche-posay toleriane teint hydrating water-cream foundation
(to read more about properties, earnings and application advice click here, to read in Ukrainian and to shop in Ukraine - click here)


la roche-posay toleriane teint mattifyng mousse foundation
(to read more about ingredients and application advice click here
          to read in Ukrainian and to shop in Ukraine - click here)

         They are both a great combination in the desire to have beautiful, natural and of course     
         well maintained face!
3.Third stage has extremely qualitive German production c:ehko style hairspray diamond. This finding has improved formula styling that delivers durable and natural fixation for your loved hair. Also you may rest assured that given hairspray do not glue the hair.
           to read more about German production hairspray click here
           for Ukraine - click here
4.Last place in my list but not in my heart takes vintage French perfume L'infini de Caron. According to perfume review on, Infini is a velvety aldehydic floral with the rich iris and lilac. Nowadays, Infini is the same but with more strongly marked sandalwood. L'infini de Caron c'est pour self-confident woman who has extraordinary personality and isn't afraid to express herself. It is worth a try, ladies!
          to read the history of the House of Caron click here
          to shop Caron - click here and here
          to read more Caron perfume reviews - click here
That is all for today, my Queens.
Be young, fresh and stylish.
Life's too short!

Yours Maria

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